Wednesday 29 April 2015

Favourite Four Mascaras

Normally, I would do a 'Top 5 ...' post, however I couldn't find 5 mascaras that really were my favourites - only 4! So it's going to be a 'Favourite 4' post instead. Anyway, like all my other 'Top 5 (or 4)' posts, these are not in any order!

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes // full review Here
This has been featured on my blog many times, purely because I think it is such an amazing mascara. Firstly, let me just comment on how gorgeous the packaging is, the gold and purple really compliments each other! It has a plastic applicator, which is actually quite small and thin. I think this is why the mascara is not clumpy whatsoever. It lengthens my lashes so much, this is such a good mascara especially if you are looking for a good drugstore mascara.

Benefit They're Real Mascara
This is my all-time favourite mascara, unfortunately it is a bit more expensive than the others in this post. But, with most Benefit products I think, you do get what you pay for as this mascara is incredible. It instantly defines my lashes and makes them voluminous. Like the L'Oreal mascara, it is a plastic applicator. This makes sure it really grips to my lashes and lengthens them. If you add layers and layers it could become a bit clumpy, but for me one coat is just fine! It lasts for such a long time as well, doedn't smudge which other mascaras I have used tend to do.

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara
I went through a phase a few months back, when I really loved this mascara and used it so much. The mascara is really in the name, it works so quickly and instantly volumises my eyelashes. This is a bristle/fibre applicator, and he applicator is quite large so I tend to get mascara on my eyelids easily. But the actual product is really amazing. Great for when you are in a rush and you need something that doesn't require a lot of time.

Maybelline One By One Mascara
I have been through a fair few of Maybelline mascaras, and this has to be my favourite out of the ones I have tried. It is actually my second tube, that is how much I love it! It is the most lenghtening and defining mascara I have ever tried. Although it is quite easily for my lashes to become clumpy when I use this, so I do have to be a bit careful. But this is such an incredible mascara, my lashes become so long when I use this!

So those are all my favourite mascaras, hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading!

What are your favourite mascaras?

Saturday 25 April 2015

Spring Blushes



Last season, I did a post on my Winter Blushes, so it's only fair that I do a post for Spring. I only just realised that some one of the blushes in that post is in this post as well - oops! There are also some cream blushes in this post as they are perfect for Spring!

Benefit Fine One One Blush Trio // full review Here
I absolutely love this blush. It is amazing and such a unique product! It is in a stick form and has three shades, an orange, coral pink and a shimmer highlight. As it is Benefit, it is slightly more expensive than the other products, but I think this is one of those products where you really do get what you are paying for because the products is so impressive! You simply swipe this across your cheeks and blend, it blends easily and gives your cheeks a natural flush of colour. Talking about 'flush' that leads on to the next product!

Topshop Cream Blush in 'Flush' // full review Here
I think this has to be my favourite out of all of the blushes in this post, purely because this blush is such a stunning shade and the formula is incredible. You can read the post I have done on it before for more detail, but it is a cream to powder finish so it lasts quite a long time. It blends and applies like a dream and I can't even explain how beautiful the colour is. If you haven't tried any of the Topshop Cream Blushes then what are you waiting for?!

Sleek Blush in 'Pixie Pink'
Unlike the other blushes in this post, this Sleek blush is a powder blush. It may look very vibrant and bold, but it does come out very natural once on the cheeks. It's such a pretty pink which is perfect for Spring because to me, Spring is all about pink. When people ask me what drugstore blushes I would recommend, I always say Sleek because they have a range of shades which are all stunning.

What are your favourite blushes for spring?

Sunday 19 April 2015

Drugstore Haul

I rarely do hauls on my blog, so this is probably the first one in 10 months or something like that. I suppose I could call this a Collective Haul as I didn't buy it all in one go. Anyway on with the things I bought.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer // £4.19 
I am forever repurchasing this product, it's such a necessity. I used to be the Shade 2 but that was a little bit dark for me so now I am using the lightest shade (1 Fair). You have probably heard lots about this concealer, but if you haven't then definitely try it out. The coverage is great and it's so affordable too.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder //  £3.99
Surprisingly, I have never actually every used this powder before. But the powder I usually use everyday (Natural Collection Pressed Powder) is beginning to run out and I need a new one. So I decided to try this out as I have heard lots of good things.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum // £10.99 - 2 for £14
This has been on my wishlist for quite a while. I have been looking for something light weight everytime I went into Boots I have always been debating whether to buy it or not. But I am so glad I bought it as, from what I have tried so far, it feels really nice on my skin and nothing too heavy. I will be doing a full review on this so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition in 'Nude-ist' // £8.99 - 2 for £14
Just like the foundation, this has been something I have wanted for so long, since it came out I think. I've heard so many people raving about them and I really wanted to try out the shade Nude-ist which looks like a browny pink but on my lips and when swatched it's definitely more of a muted pink/mauve. But the formula is absolutely amazing, it literally feels like velvet. I was worried it would be drying or patchy but it isn't at all!

I will definitely be writing some more in-depth reviews of some of my new purchases and I'm sure they will soon become my top favourites. Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Everyday Spring Makeup

everyday spring makeup

everyday spring makeup

I haven't ever actually done an 'Everyday Makeup' post suprisingly. So I've decided I want to do more of them, probably one for each season as that is when my makeup tends to change. Now that it is officially spring, the makeup I've been wearing everyday has changed a lot since winter! The makeup I go for mainly consists of dewy skin with pink lips and cheeks. I don't wear this to school, but as I am writing this it's half-term so this is what I tend to go for when I am going somewhere!

To get dewy and glowing skin, I have been loving using the Benefit That Gal primer as it is quite a brightening primer - perfect for spring! I'm not really one for wearing full coverage, heavy foundations. So most days I will just wear concealer, my go to concealer is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer and I usually put this under my eyes to brighten that area; and on any blemishes. If I am going to go for a foundation, I will probably go for something really light weight as I don't like the feel of thick and heavy foundation on my skin, but I would probably wear a BB Cream as they feel so light and nice on my skin. The Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream is really nice if you're looking for a light-weight base product because it is natural yet still provides a light coverage. I then just set that all using the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder to make sure it lasts all day. I love wearing cream blushes in Spring time, my current favourite is the Benefit Fine One One Blush Trio (full review here!)

I tend to use the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil most days, whether its spring or winter, to fill in my eyebrows. I do this quite lightly as I don't like my eye brows being too dark, especially as I have quite naturally dark eyebrows anyway. My all time favourite drugstore mascara is the L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes (full review here). It is so lengthening and non-clumpy and is perfect for everyday wear. I also might just put a bit of nude eyeliner in my water liner to brighten my eyes, this one is the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl

Finally, for lips, this tends to change depending on what I want to wear that day. But recently I have been wearing the Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart quite a lot because it's a nice sheer pink shade that isn't too bold, still quite natural.So that is what my everyday makeup look for spring looks like. I hope you enjoyed this post, thank's for reading!

What are your favourite products for Spring?

Saturday 11 April 2015

Travel Friendly Makeup Brushes

travel friendly makeup brushes

travel friendly makeup brushes

If you are going travelling, you don't want to be bringing your whole brush collection with you. You probably want to bring as little as possible, so this post is going to be about my favourite brushes for travelling. The brushes I have chosen all have many different uses, so this means you don't have to bring as many brushes, they're kind of like a 2 in 1 brush! You may have noticed they are all Real Techniques, but that's because I love using their brushes because they are amazing quality and really affordable.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush // Core Collection Kit
This is the perfect brush for blending and buffing in foundation or BB cream. I even use it to blend in concealer. This is such an essential for me everyday because it really makes sure your foundation is blended, and if you are like me and can't stand the feel (and the look) of unblended foundation, then you should really try out this brush!

Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush // Travel Essentials Kit
This brush even comes in the Travel Essentials Kit, so it really is perfect for travelling! This is such a useful brush for eye makeup, it is very fluffy so perfect for blending the shadows, but it is also quite flat on the side so it can really pack the shadow on. Instead of bringing 3 different brushes for eyeshadow, you can just use this one brush.

Real Techniques Multi-Tasking Brush // Travel Essentials Kit
If you thought the other brushes were an essential for travelling, this brush is even more of a necessity! Firstly it comes in the Travel Kit, but it is also called the Multi-Tasking Brush; and this post is all about multi-tasking brushes! Anyway this brush can be used for powder, blush, bronzer and maybe even blending foundation! So instead of bringing separate brushes for all of that, you only need this one brush.

Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush // Eye Starter Kit
For me, this brush is amazing for blending in concealer under the eyes. But it is also really good for blending eye makeup as well. Another amazing multi-tasking brush!

Those are all my favourite brushes which are perfect for travelling as they all have more than one use! I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading! 

What are your favourite brushes for travelling?

Wednesday 8 April 2015

Spring Nail Varnishes

For me, spring nails are all about the pastels. So I have put together some of my favourite nail varnishes for this season!

In order Top to Bottom, Left to Right

Barry M - Mint Green
Ciaté - Ferris Wheel
Topshop - Milkshake
Rimmel - Rose Libertine
O.P.I - Chic from Ears to Tail
Ciaté - Snow Virgin
Barry M - Berry

So this was quite a short post, but I hope you enjoyed reading!

Friday 3 April 2015

How to Fake Being Awake

I don't know about you, but I'm definitely not a morning person. I love having a lie-in so when I have to wake up early, for school for example, I need as much help I can get to help me look more awake than I am. 

To conceal and hide those dreaded dark circles under my eyes, I like using a brightening concealer. Try to pick a shade a little bit lighter than your usual skin tone so that it really brightens the under eyes. The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is a great concealer if you are looking for something with a bit more coverage. However, my favourite is the Rimmel Wake me up Concealer (very fitting name as well!) This concealer has tiny shimmer particles in it (don't worry it's so small you can barely even see it)  which really helps to brighten and bring light to the area where you apply it.

A liquid highlighter is also very useful for making you look more awake. You only need a small amount and it will illuminate your cheekbones and make your skin look glowing. I have done a post all about Glowing Skin which you can read here.

For the actual eye makeup, using a nude or white eyeliner on your water line can help cancel out any redness and instantly brighten up your eyes. The two eyeliners I have are the Rimmel Scandel Eyes Kohl Eyeliner in 'Nude' and the L'Oreal Colour Riche Eyeliner in 'Immaculate Snow'. They are both creamy and pigmented so it is very easy to apply.

Another way to make yourself appear more awake is by wearing a brightening eyeshadow. You can put a white shadow on the inner corner of your eyelid  which will open and brighten up your eyes. I like to use a shimmery colour all over the lid, such as the Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencil in 'Vintage Blush' This is so quick and easy to use, which is always handy in the mornings when you don't have much time for makeup.

So those are all my tips on how to Fake being Awake. I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading!

Wednesday 1 April 2015

Top 5 Nude Lipsticks

top 5 nude lipsticks

top 5 nude lipsticks

top 5 nude lipsticks

top 5 nude lipsticks

I haven 't done a Top 5 post in a while, so I thought it was about time I do one. Today's Top 5 are all about Nude Lipsticks. If I had to pick bold or nude lipstick, I would definitely choose the nude lip option. I think they are so easy to wear and can suit anyone. For this post I have chosen a mix of high-end and drugstore, and there is a cheeky lip gloss even though this post is about lipsticks. Also these are in no order!

Barry M Lip Gloss in 2 'Toffee' - £4.49
I am a huge fan of the Barry M lipglosses, they are amazing quality especially for the price. They all have matching scents to the name of the lipgloss, so the one I have, Toffee, smells like Toffee, which is obviously a bonus! The colour is also very nice, a natural brown which is so quick and easy to apply and would probably suit any skin tone.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 08 - £5.49
This is probably my favourite drugstore lipstick, it is the perfect 'my lips but better' shade. It is probably the darkest nude out of all of these, but my lips are naturally a little bit dark so it suits my lips quite nicely. But I have a post all about the Kate Moss lipsticks here. Unlike the rest of the lipsticks I have chosen, this lipstick is very creamy, pigmented and has a satin finish (not glossy but not matte, in the middle I guess!)

L'Oreal Colour Riche in 'J Lo's Nude' - £6.99
This lipstick is also the same as Cheryl's Nude but for some reason they have stopped selling those ones in my local Boots. I like the formula of this product as it is moisturising and quite sheer which makes it more natural. The only problem with this is that the actual lipstick moves when you apply it, so it rubs against the plastic packaging and leaves scratch lines on the back of the lisptick which you can see in the last photo. But other than that, the colour is very nice and perfect for everyday wear.

Revlon Colourburst Lacquer Balm in 105 'Demure' - £7.99
I have talked about these Revlon Crayons so much on my blog because I am obsessed with them, especially this shade. It is definitely more of a pink nude, whereas the other lipsticks I have mentioned are more brown toned. As it is a pale shade, it is quite sheer to apply and like all the other Revlon Lacquer Balms, it is moisturising and has a glossy finish.

MAC Patisserie, Lustre Finish - £15.50
This is definitely the most expensive out of all of the lipsticks in this post, but I guess that's MAC for you. I would describe this as a pinky brown nude. It is actually a bit of a mix between the L'Oreal and Revlon lip products in the sense that the Revlon is pink and the L'Oreal lipstick is brown. And the finishes of those products are quite similar to the MAC Lustre finish, sheer and moisturising. 

So those are all my Top 5 Nude lipsticks, what are your favourite nude lipsticks?