Friday 28 November 2014

Soap and Glory Stash

For a very long time I have loved the brand Soap and Glory (I'm sure you've all heard of it) and I thought it was time I did a post on it. I'm not entirely sure how to explain this post but its basically a mini review on the products I have, so my Soap and Glory Stash. From bath and body to makeup to alarm clocks!
Bath and Body
The Sugar Crush Body Wash is probably the product I am most excited to try. Zingy and citrusy scents are my ultimate favourite so this shower gel ticks all the boxes for me! At the moment I am using the Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk which has a almond/nutty scent but feels so moisturising and buttery! Definitely recommend that one as I can really notice a difference in my skin. I also have some minis which I am going to be using when I go travelling, I have the Clean On Me shower gel and the Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em Body Buff.
I've always loved Soap and Glory Makeup, even though I've only tried two products, but their makeup range is so pretty and looks amazing! I absolutely love the Thick and Fast Mascara and I'm thinking of doing a review on it soon because it is so amazing! Something I mentioned in my Disappointing Products post is the Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss, I'm not too happy with this product  because unfortunately it just didn't reach my expectations.
The first non-beauty thing I have is a makeup bag, well I guess this is slightly beauty related so I kind of cheated here. But its quite big and spacious and my auntie actually got this for me so I am really grateful for that. She also got me a S&G shower cap but I couldn't really take a photo of a shower cap ahah! Anyway the makeup bag is a black and pink dogtooth print and inside it is black and white. I also have an alarm clock which came in a set that my friend got me!
As you can see I love Soap and Glory and my favourite range is the Sugar Crush range as the scent is incredible! I have tried many other Soap and Glory products but they have obviously ran out so I couldn't include them. I think Soap and Glory would make great gifts at Christmas if you are stuck for present ideas! Thank you for reading this post I hope you enjoyed!

Monday 24 November 2014

W7 Palette - Urban Decay Naked 3 Dupe!


As a makeup obsessed beauty addict, I am always wanting to get my hands on the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, but the price tag puts me off every time! So for a while now I have been searching for a very similar dupe with the same pinky and rose gold shades. While raiding the TK MAXX store searching for any bargains (I picked up a set of 3 Revlon Lip Butters for the price of one of them (£7.99) in there before, trust me there's many goodies hiding around. I also got a Too Faced palette as well which is rare but a bargain buy!!) I saw hiding under some bits and bobs, a rose gold rectangle shaped palette and in my head I was hoping for it to be the Naked Palette. And when I pulled it out, it was something very similar!

So the palette I found is called the w7 palette 'In the Nude' and clearly as you can see from the packaging looks a lot like the Naked 3 palette. It has a sturdy rose gold tin packaging with the name of the palette written across it. Most palettes that have similar shades to UD palettes are often from MUA or Makeup Revolution which have fairly cheap packaging (but are very pigmented I must add), but this palette's packaging looks very good quality!

When you open it up, it is clear that the colours are more or less the same as the Naked 3. It ranges from natural pinky gold shades (which are my favourite!) to darker greys and mauves. There are 3 matte shades, one of which is my favourite (in the Naked 3 palette it's called 'Nooner'). The darker shades are very pigmented, but the lighter shades are a little bit less strong in colour. But they come out stronger when applied with my finger and not a brush! There are some glitters which are very pretty. My favourite shades are showed in the picture above. I might do a makeup look with this palette if you're interested?!
Overall I am very impressed with this palette and definitely recommend it if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to Urban Decay palettes. This was only around the £6 mark which is 1/6 of the Naked palettes! Thank you for reading this review and I hope you enjoyed!

Saturday 15 November 2014

Top 5 Thurday - Drugstore Products

I am definitely a drugstore lover, there's just so many amazing products out there for great prices! For this months Top 5 Thursday is on my top 5 drugstore products. Let me just say this was very difficult to choose as I couldn't decide which ones were the best as there are so many good ones!

MUA Undressed Palette
Whenever people ask me for cheap but good quality eyeshadow palettes, I always recommend MUA palettes as they are incredibly pigmented but are only £4 for 12 shadows! The Undressed palette (review here) is a great dupe for the Naked 1 Palette as the shades are so similar! There's a mix of matte and shimmer and the shadows are so pigmented! I really like this palette and its one of my favourites.

Revlon Lip Butters
Even though I'm mentioning 4 of the lip butters, it still counts as 1 products I guess... Oh well I love the lip butters in general. The shades I have are Sweet Tart, Berry Smoothie, Sorbet and Srawberry Shortcake. I love these because they are so moisturising and are a mix between a lip balm and a lip stick. I actually have a review here if you want to see! Even though they aren't the most pigmented, they are still very buildable and are very natural. Plus the packaging is gorgeous!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
This is one of the most hyped about products in the beauty community. But that's because it is amazing! The coverage is very high which is great as it can easily cover very red spots. It is also quite creamy but does tend to have a drying finish, so for dry skin this might not be great. I am continually repurchasing this concealer as its fab!

Revlon Colourburst Laquer Balms
Another Revlon Lip product ahah, I guess I love Revlon's lip product! I am in love with their lip crayons as they are so beautiful. I have the shade Vivacious and Demure (review here). I really like the shade Vivacious as its a bold pink that's still really wearable and the shiny finish means it is buildable. Demure is probably my favourite as it is supposedly a dupe for MAC Hue. It comes out a sheer pink that is so wearable and I am in love. Moreover, the packaging (again) is stunning!

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation
Again, I have a full review here if you are interested. I really like this foundation as it has a very natural finish on the skin and its not to heavy. I'd say it ahs a medium coverage but it's definitely buildable. Also this is about £6 which is such a bargain!

So those are all my favourite drugstore products! I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading!

Best Benefit Products

When it comes to Benefit, there are some products that personally, I don't really think are worth the money, but then there are some products which are amazing. This blog post is going to be about my favourite products from Benefit. These are probably Benefit's most popular products as they are very hyped about but that's because they are so good!
The first thing is the incredible They're Real Mascara (review here). If you haven't heard of this, where have you been?! But seriously this mascara is amazing. It makes my lashes 10x longer and more voluminous. Although this mascara is a whopping £19, I really think its worth it as I can really notice a difference when I wear this. Also it lasts for a very long time, which means its a pain to remove. But if you haven't tried it, you should definitely put this mascara on your Christmas list!
Next up on my favourites from Benefit is High Beam. There is also sun beam but I prefer High beam. In a nutshell its a liquid highlighter, obviously I have a mini version but I've had it for ages and there's still plenty left. I like this because most highlighters I have tried are more glitter than a subtle shimmer, but High Beam has a very natural shimmering glow that doesn't look like you've dusted glitter all over your cheeks haha.
The Hoola bronzer is also one of my loves, the shade of this bronzer is not too red toned nor to grey toned but perfectly in the middle. It's also very pigmented so you only need a tiny bit. Again, I have the mini tester version but I've still only used a tiny amount so the bronzer lasts very long!
Last but not least, the famous Porefessional! I've actually done a full review on this here! This is one of the best primers I've tried as it really helps me stay matte throughout the day and it covers my pores. This primer is better for oily skin as I don't think it would be suitable for dry skin as it might be drying.
Can I just say, Benefit get a 10/10 for packaging! Anyway, those were the products I think are the best from Benefit! Thank you for reading, bye!

Sunday 9 November 2014

Disappointing Products #1


This is my very first Disappointing products post, and although I feel bad writing negative things about a product, I mean it in an advisable and constructive way. Perhaps you were thinking of buying a product in this post, but now you will be aware that maybe this product doesn't work for me. What I'm trying to say is I'm not just being irrelevantly negative about a product haha! Just putting the disclaimer out there, anyway let's get on with the post!

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss in 'Candy Floss'
This lip gloss is not just any old ordinary lip gloss. Oh no, to my surprise when I first applied it, I felt a tingling sensation in my lips; kind of like pins and needles but in my lips. This is what is supposed to happen as that is the feeling it gives when the lip gloss is plumping up your lips. I'm not going to lie I was expecting Kylie Jenner lips explosions, I mean a real noticable difference, but that difference just wasn't there for me. The colour is nice, but it has a sticky and thick consistency and the tingling thing just didn't float my boat.

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in 'Petal'
I've mentioned this in my Matte Lips post which you can view here if you are interested. I think the main thing that I am having troubles with about this product is the shade. The shade is a pale pink, which for a matte lip cream I don't think it is ever going to work. When I applied it, I could feel my lips feeling very dry and becoming flaky. Also, as the colour is quite pale, it applied unevenly and a little bit patchy. I think in other bolder and darker shades, these matte me lip creams could be very nice. But they just didn't work for me.

Seventeen Hide and Conceal Concealer
This is quite an old product of mine. I don't really use it anymore purely because I don't think it's very good. It's one of those twisting concealers, where the product comes out at the top through the brush. I don't mind that abiut this concealer, it's the formula I dislike. When I applied it, it was runny and didn't even conceal much. Very low coverage and once blended left quite a patchy consistency on my skin. Overall I wouldn't repurchase it and I wouldn't recommend it either.

Barry M Lip Paint in 52
If you know me, you'll know I love a bit of Barry M. This was one of the first lipsticks I ever bought and oh I how regret it now. I can't believe I thought I neon pink lipstick would look cool on a 12 year old girl. Hahah but seriously, it's not even the shade that puts me off, well actually the fluorescent fushcia isn't really a good look, but it's the matte finish. I find this lipstick to be quite drying and it sticks to my dry patches my lips. I actually really like the Barry M lipsticks as they're not all like this, most of them are actually very moisturising.

Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream
There are some products in Benefit which are a hit, and some which are a miss. For me the It's Potent Eye Cream just does nothing to me and is not worth however much it retails for. Luckily I didn't buy the full size as I got a mini-size in a gift set. It's supposed to brighten up your eye area, but whenever I use it that doesn't happen. If I do use it, it will most probably be as a moisturiser. This eye cream just isn't worth it.

So they are all the products that disappointed me. Thank you for reading this blog post! I hope you enjoyed it and have a nice day, bye! 

Friday 7 November 2014

10 Things I love about Winter!

photo credit: but edited myself

Winter is probably my favourite season, I think its probably because Christmas is in this season and oh do I love Christmas! Winter is such a lovely time and here are 10 reasons why I think that:

1) It starts to feel like Christmas
2) I can wear warm and cute pyjamas
3) My bed somehow gets 10x more cosy
4) I get to drink hot chocolate more often
5) It gets dark around 4 p.m which most people hate but I love
6) I have an excuse to wear black clothes and dark lips
7) All the shops bring out their winter clothes and scarves
8) There is a chance that it just might snow
9) Its colder and rains a lot more
10) Warm baths filled with Lush products (and especially when Lush bring out their Christmas edition bath products

Monday 3 November 2014

Winter Blushes


I feel like Winter is the time to wear more bold blushes to get that 'I've just been in the snow now my cheeks are red' look. I have picked out some of my favourite blushes to wear in winter but it's made my want to buy some more blushes but I know I shouldn't.

Sleek 'Pixie Pink'
This is one of my all time favourite blushes. It is basically a bright pink but once on the cheeks its a lot more subtle, don't worry. Sleek are my favourite brand for blushes because they are great quality: highly pigmented, easily blendable and gorgeous packaging. This shade is really flattering, especially on paler skin tones as the pink really makes the cheeks pop.

Natural Collection 'Dusky Pink'
I couldn't think of a more autumnal colour, this dusky pink (hence the name) is such a gorgeous shade. Its very neutral and subtle which is why I think it is perfect for this season. I really like Natural Collection blushes as they are cheap (£1.99) and are really pigmented and blend easily into the skin. This blush would really compliment a bold berry lip or a mauvey nude lip!

Sleek Face Form Contour and Blush Kit
My next favourite winter blush is one that comes in the Sleek contour and blush palette. I believe this is the Rose Gold Blush but it doesn't say whether it is and what name it is, but it's the one in the contour kit! I love this blush as it has gold shimmers in it and looks very festive and shimmery on the cheeks. The colour is gorgeous, it's a lovely rose gold, and the bronzer in this palette is also great! I really recommend the sleek face form kit!

So there we have it! All my favourite blushes for this winter! Although some of these blushes aren't typical winter shades, they are still very seasonable (well I think so anyway!) I hope you enjoyed this blog out, have a nice day!

Sunday 2 November 2014

October Favourites

This year is actually going so fast! October went so quickly and now it is November already? Say what?! Haha I guess that can only mean it is time for my monthly favourites.

I recently picked up the w7 palette 'In the Nude' as I had seen a few bloggers talking about it a while back. You can probably see from the packaging it is VERY similar to the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, even the shades are pretty much the same. The shadows are very blendable and gorgeous colours! Before I go into too much detail, I have a post on this coming very soon so keep you're eyes peeled for a full review on that! If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to £37 UD palette, this is great for you at £6! 

You have probably seen this Nina Ricci Lipstick (unfortunately still remains shadeless) floating around in a few of my recent blog posts this month. But that's because I have been obsessing over it! It was limited edition around last year (maybe the year before) so I don't think it is available anymore. It is a gorgeous dark berry shade, perfect autumn shade! It is a glossy finish however which means it can slip and slide but the colour is stunning which is what draws me to it the most.

As it gets much more colder in winter, baths become inevitable which means I can bring out the Lush bath bombs. I recently rediscovered my love for the Comforter Bubble Bar from Lush. It is my ultimatefavourite  product of theirs I have ever tried. At only £4.95 it is such a bargain as you can cut it up (it's massive) and use it about 5 times, maybe even more! And don't even get me started in the smell, mmmm lushhhh!

I've read the book: The Host by Stephanie Meyer about a year ago, however, this month I realised I never actually finished it oops! So I decided to read it again (from the beginning, not where I left off haha or I would never remember the story!) and I've really been enjoying it! It's quite a long book but I think it is very interesting and not boring at all! It is very gripping, adventurous, sad and enjoyable to read! I also love the film!

My Dad introduced my sister and I to a show he used to watch about 10 years ago called Lost and wow let me just say I have never been as hooked onto a TV show as this one. It is by far the best show ever and in about 2 weeks we have got through 2 seasons so far. It's about survivors of a plane crash in a mysterious island with lots of creepy mysteries. There are so many unanswered questions at the end of each episode you just have to watch the next one.

I have been loving watching the Saccone Jolys as they are just so adorable! If you don't know who they are, they are a family who make daily vlogs but they are just so fun and their two children Emilia and Eduardo are actually the cutest. 


Majestic Casual - Say My Name (Remix)
Jessie Ware - Say You Love Me
Labrinth - Let it Be

So that is all from me I hope you enjoyed this months favourites! Have a nice day, bye!