Sunday 26 January 2014

Liebster Award!

Hi guys! So I was nominated for the Liebster award by two people and those lovely people are...

Danielle -
Becky -

I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to do this as I'll have to answer 20 questions instead of 10... oh well!

The rules are:
1. You must link back to the person who nominated you. 
2. You must answer the 11 question given by the nominee before you.
3. You pick 11 nominees with under 200 followers to answer your questions.
4. You cannot nominate the person who nominated you.
5. You must tell the nominees that they have been nominated by you

The questions Becky asked me:

1. Who is your beauty or fashion icon?
Hmm.. I don't really have an icon to be honest haha. But I'm going to have to say Zoella because I love her makeup and her fashion sense and she really inspires me.

2. How long does it normally take you to get ready for a night out?
Well I take quite a long time for a night out so I'd say about 1-2 hours to do hair and makeup. I like to take my time but I suppose I could do it in 30 min if I had to rush.
3. What's your favourite item of clothing to wear, and why?
I love just wearing leggings and jumpers on the weekend because they're so cosy and comfy. Plus they're wearable outside whereas I wouldn't really wear a onesie outside.
4. What’s your dream job?
I'd love to go into a career of makeup or fashion so maybe a fashion designer. But I'd love to become a youtuber as well but I don't know if that will work out (hope it does though haha)

5. What's your favourite thing about blogging?
I love so much about blogging, I love taking photos and writing about what I love (makeup and beauty). I guess I just really have a passion for makeup so being able to write about it and share my tips and thoughts about it is nice.

6. If you could meet anyone in the world (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
Hmm I honestly don't know! I'd love to meet Zoe (zoella) and Bethany Mota (macbarbie07) basically all youtubers.

7. What is your favourite beauty brand?
I love MAC and Benefit but I love Maybelline as most of my products are from Maybelline and I don't actually own that much of MAC and benefit.

8. What is your favourite perfume?
This I tough because I love perfume so much but my favourite has to be either Princess by Vera Wang or the Marc Jacobs perfumes (I can't pick which one)

9. Favourite colour nail polish to wear?
I don't really know what my favourite is as it's really difficult to choose so I don't really have a favourite but I love the Minnie Mouse collection by O.P.I

10. What are your guilty pleasures?
My guilty pleasure is watching youtube videos haha! And also watching CSI with my family 😂 haha!

11. What was your favourite memory of 2013?
Wow this is difficult as soo much happened in 2013 good and bad but the best memory was when my school went on a school trip to Germany in the summer and when I went on holiday to Thailand to visit my family for the whole holidays was fun too!

The questions Danielle asked me:

1. Top 5 products on your beauty wish list.
Wow I have so much on my wishlist haha but it would have to be the Bourjois Bronzing Primer, Real Techniques Travel Set, Benefit Coralista, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and the L'Óreal Colour Riche Collection Privée

2. Favourite perfume?
I've already answered this from Becky's questions above ^^

3. Favourite youtuber and why?
I have quite a few favourites to be honest; Zoella, Velvetgh0st, Macbarbie07 and Tanya Burr, they are my favourites because they're so lovely and pretty and their videos really inspire me :)

4. If you had 3 wishes what would they be?
I'm gonna guess and say the rules are we can't wish for more wishes :( I would wish for Cancer to be cured, to be happy in life and the last one is be a successful youtuber haha.

5. What's the book you're currently reading?
The Host by Stephanie Meyer.
6. What beauty product do you recommend?
Wow there's so many things I recommend but something that I don't know what I would do without (sounds cheesy I know) but they are the Real Technique brushes. These are just so amazing and soft and are really good for the price, even thought they are a little on the pricy side but they are amazing quality!
7. Which beauty product is not worth the hype?
This was in the Drugstore makeup tag which I did a couple of weeks ago and this questions was in it and I didn't actually answer it because I don't have an answer! All the products that I've tried out that are hyped about are really good!
8. OOTD today?
Today I am wearing light blue jeans from Hollister, a loose peachy pink and white stripy sweater from H&M and some cosy socks which I don't know where from
9. Perfect winter nail polish?
I don't have an exact nail polish but colour wise, maybe a red or dark colours. 
10. What drink do you order at Costa or Starbucks?
I don't really go to Costa or Starbucks that much but when I go to Costa I ask for a white hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows :)
11. Favourite bath product from Lush?
Not gonna lie I love everything from lush, I still have some stuff I haven tried out yet, but from the stuff I have tried my favourite is the Spacegirl bath bomb as it smells soo good and is really pretty.
So those were all the questions! That was a lot haha, but here are the people I have nominated for the Liebster Award:
So go and check out their lovely blogs and these are the questions that you have to answer!
1) Favourite makeup brand?
2) One makeup item you can't live without?
3) Favourite hobby?
4) Favourite youtuber?
5) High-end or High-street makeup?
6) If you had to live with one lip product what would you pick?
7) Favourite lush item?
8) Who is your beauty and fashion inspiration?
9) Why did you start a blog?
10) What is your goal in life?
11) What do you want to be when you're older?
Thanks for reading this and have a nice day! Bye!

Monday 20 January 2014

Sleek Face Form Palette Review

Hey guys! If you saw my Christmas Wishlist 2013 blog post then you'll know that I asked for the Sleek Face Form Palette which is what I'm going to be reviewing today! I absolutely love this and am so happy I got it. My palette is in light and there are four shade ranges: Fair, Light, Medium and Dark. I think the medium and dark ones don't come with a blush, they come with a bronzer. But the Fair and Light ones come with a contour, highlight and a blush which I think is the Rose Gold blush.

So I'm gonna start of with the packaging of the product. It comes in a box which I actually kept, don't know why but I did haha. Then the actual palette is in a matte black palette which is what most of the sleek products come in (their blushes etc). I really like the box but I do think it can get dirty easily. But I think it's really sleek and classy hence the name of the brand. When you open it up there is a mirror on the top bit which is really clear and handy. Then you have the products which are really pretty I think.

The contour colour is a matte brown which is perfect for contouring. I actually prefer matte contours to shimmery ones so I really like this. The highlight is a shimmery cream and the blush is a coraly pink with golden shimmer. The actual products are really nicely pigmented and aren't too heavy or sheer. My favourite is the contour. Unfortunately my highlight has a huge mark in it because I dropped it and something scratched it :( 

This product has definitely made it to my favourites and if I ever run out I will for sure be purchasing it again. It's also really handy for travelling as it is all in one and has a mirror as well. So if you're thinking about buying this product I totally recommend it to you. Plus this is only £9.99 and for what you get it's a really good price. Sleek can be purchased from Superdrug, not sure about boots.

Thanks for reading this review and I hope you have a nice day!

Sunday 12 January 2014

I ♥ Drugstore Makeup Tag!

Hey guys hope you're all doing well! I've seen this tag going around quite often on YouTube and on blogs, so I thought I would do it as a blog post. I know that in America you call it drugstore but in the UK we call it high street (I think??) Basically like boots and Superdrug. I'm defiantly a drugstore girl at heart, I love getting cheap products that are really good and there are loads of good bargains in the drugstore world. If you aren't familiar with what the I ❤️ Drugstore Tag is, then basically there are 8 questions all about drugstore products etc.

1. What is your favourite drugstore makeup brand overall?

My favourite drugstore makeup brand is definitely Maybelline. Their products are really good and they aren't too expensive but they're a decent price. I love the packaging of they're products it's always really bright and colourful. I own a lot of products from Maybelline and they're all amazing and I haven't had a problem with them. My favourite products from Maybelline are probably the Falsies Mascara, 24 hour Colour Tattoos and Baby Lips.

2. What are your favourite face, cheek and lip products?

For face I'm going to go with the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream. This has a really nice finish to it and isn't really dewy or oily but has a nice glow. It has a light coverage which is nice as I don't want to wear something really heavy. I really like BB creams as they feel really light on the skin and this has bee my favourite BB cream so far. I also really like the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. This is amazingly pigmented so it has great coverage to cover up any blemishes or redness. 

For cheeks I love the Sleek Face Form contouring and blush palette. This palette contains a contour, highlight and a blush which I believe is the rose gold blush. I really like this product, not only is it really pretty but it's really pigmented and blendable so it looks really natural as well.

 For lips I have chosen 2 lipsticks and 1 lip balm. The two lipsticks are the MUA lipstick in shade 4 and the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 101. The lip balm is the Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch. I really like the MUA lipsticks and they're only £1! The darker colours are really pigmented and the lighter ones are more sheer. Shade 4 which is what I have is quite sheer and more like a tinted lip balm. I really like the Kate Moss lipsticks and I wanted to get 107 which is a really good Autumn colour but it isn't exactly autumn anymore so I didn't get it. Instead I bough 101 which is a gorgeous nude pink. I have chosen Baby Lips because I absolutely love them. I chose Pink Punch because it's the most pigmented and is the closest to a lipstick out of all of them. It comes out quite sheer but is buildable and it smells so fruity and lovely!

3. Least favourite product?

As much as I love the Barry M lipsticks, my least favourite product will have to be this Barry M lipstick in shade 52. But only this shade though, I do love the other Barry M lipsticks. I bought this lipstick about 2 years ago when I had no clue about makeup I just thought the colour was cool. I didn't think about  how wearable it would be. As you can tell by the photo it is a bright blue toned pink. Also the formula of this lipstick isn't very good either. It's very matte and comes out really dry on the lips. Unless you've applied a lip balm then when you apply this it will show all the cracks and creases on your lips.

4. What is the best makeup bargain?

I already mentioned this in question 2 but I think the best makeup bargain is definitely the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. It is super duper pigmented and yeah I've already said that aha. Plus it's only about £4 which is amazing for what you get. If you haven't tried this I definitely recommend this.


5. What is your favourite underdog product?

My favourite underdog or underhyped products have to be the Collection Illuminating Touch Brightening concealer and the Barry M lipgloss. The collection concealer is really under hyped probably because everyone raves about the lasting perfection concealer. But I think it's just as good. I guess it's a dupe of the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch concealer, the packaging is similar and so is the name. It has a brush type of applicator and you twist the other side so the concealer comes out through the brush. (That probably didn't make any sense oops). Anyway I like using this under my eyes as it's not drying or cakey at all.


The Barry M lipglosses are amazing. I have 3 in 2/Toffee, 5/Bubblegum and the red one was limited edition. The lipglosses smell sooo yummy and smell just like what they're called. My favourite is probably Toffee as it looks so lovely on top of a nude lipstick. But I do love the other two as well. The red one is very pigmented and the lipglosses are not sticky at all which is a plus. Also they're only about £4 which is really good.

6. A drugstore product that is overpriced?

Now I wasn't really sure about this because some products are quite pricy for a drugstore product so I couldn't really choose. But I've decided to go with the Revlon Lip Butters. Don't get me wrong I love these but I do think £7.99 was a little bit too pricy for the amount of product that you get. If you compare it to the Baby Lips then you get about half of it. I do think it's quite overpriced but the actual product is really good, maybe if it was about £6 instead of £8. The shades I have are Sorbet and Sweet Tart.

7. Best drugstore dupes?

I don't actually own what this product is a dupe of but it's the MUA undressed eyeshadow palette. I've heard that this is a dupe for the Naked 1 palette. The colours are all the same in the same order and the eyeshadows are very pigmented. The palette was only £4 compared to the Naked palette which is about £37 I think. I really like the MUA eyeshadows as they are really pigmented and really cheap.


8. Drugstore product not worth the hype?

Unfortunately I don't have a product for this because all the products that I have that are hyped about are really good and are all worth hyping about. So I don't have an answer for question 8 sorry! :(

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Thursday 2 January 2014

Best Makeup Products of 2013

Hey guys! Hope you're all having a nice day! So 2014 is here! Wow 2013 has gone by so quickly! Today I'm going to be telling you my favourite products of 2013. I only started really getting into makeup around summer so most of these products I didn't actually own (and love) throughout the whole of 2013, but oh well! Hope you enjoy this blog post!

Natural Collection Pressed Powder

While everyone's been raving over the Rimmel Stay Matte powder, I've been using this Natural Collection powder to set my makeup and stop my facing from being oily. I have combination skin but it's still oily so this powder has really helped to stop that. I think in the new year I will purchase the Rimmel powder just to see what all the hype was about. But throughout 2013 this has been my holy grail and I have been using it everyday (maybe not every day but you know what I mean). Plus it's only £1.99 which is an absolute bargain.

Also sorry that this picture comes out really dark I don't know why? The photo I took wasn't dark but when I put it in it comes out dark so sorry about that!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Everyone talks about this but they have a reason to. This concealer is absolutely amazing. It covers up any blemish and works great under the eyes as well. I only bought this in September though (wish I'd bought it before) but since then I've been using it every day. This is something that I will definitely be purchasing again and again in the new year. Also I bought this 4 months ago and it still hasn't run out, so this concealer is great especially for only £4.19.

Maybelline Falsies Mascara

This has been my go to mascara and I can remember purchasing it back in May. I've had it for 7 months and I have used it a lot and it still hasn't run out so there is a lot of product in there. I like how the wand is curved slightly so it fits around the eyelashes easier. It's not clumpy at all which is good as I don't like clumpy mascaras (who doesn't?) When this runs out I will definitely be repurchasing it.


Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me

Since these came out into the UK back in August, every beauty lover has been buying them and raving about them. Most people went all out and bought the whole collection but I only bought 1 and I'm glad I picked this one! I bought Cherry Me which is the orange one but the actual product is a cherry red. It doesn't come out red though, it comes out sheer with a little tint of red but it's buildable. I like to wear a little bit in the morning for school and it gives my lips a pop of colour without being too over the top. I have Pink Punch now as well which is the pink one, but I still prefer Cherry Me. I've done a review on the Baby Lips which you can read here.
Sleek Blush in Pixie Pink
I love sleek blushes and will definitely be buying some more! They have amazing pigmentation and they are such gorgeous colours! Pixie Pink is a bright pink and its not too dark, I apply a little bit of this onto the apples of my cheeks and this blush gives them a nice pop of colour. I totally recommend sleek and their face form palettes are amazing as well.

There have been a lot more products which I loved, but these are the products which I loved the most and will continue to repurchase. I hope you enjoyed this review and have a nice day! Bye! :)