Sunday 31 May 2015

Underrated Lip Products

I'm sure we all have some of those lipsticks which you bought because you heard people raving about them, I know I am guilty of doing that! But there are some lip products in my collection which I haven't heard many people talk about. These are what I am talking about in today's post, it's all about the underrated lip products!

The first products is the Collection Work The Colour Lip Butter in the shade 3 'Vintage Rose'. I have heard lots of bloggers talk about lip crayons from other brands such as Clinique and Revlon, but I think the Collection ones weren't talked about that much because there are so many other lip crayons out there! I quite like the shade that I have because I don't really have one like it, it's almost a mix between a pink and a brown. I would describe it as a neutral pink with brown undertones. So this shade is very difficult to explain but I also really like how creamy and buttery the formula is. But because of this creaminess, it doesn't last that long. For £2.99 I think these are actually really good, however the shade range is quite limited and I do feel like there are lots of lip crayons out there.

The next lip stick I have chosen is from L'Oreal. I know that the L'oreal Colour Riche Exclusive Nudes and Pure Reds Collections (the ones with black and gold packaging) were quite talked about. But I haven't heard much about their original Colour Riche Lipsticks, my one is in the shade 256 'Blush Fever.' The colour is a really natural pink and it has a slight shine and shimmer to it. The formula is really good, it feels really good quality, which is why I really like it. Even the packaging looks expensive. I really want to pick up some more shades from L'Oreal as their lipsticks are really nice!

This lipstick is probably one of my favourites, and when it runs out I will definitely repurchase it! Its the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick 08. It is the perfect nude and suits my lips and skin tone so well. It is a slight mauve shade and is one of those Kylie Jenner-ish shades. I have talked about this lipstick a lot on my blog, but it's because it is such a pretty liptsick!

I don't wear lip glosses that much, but if I am going to then I like to wear the Barry M Lipgloss 'Toffee' as it is a relly nice natural brown shade. I included this in my Top 5 Nude Lipsticks post from a while back (read it here!) and it just is a really nude! It's so quick and easy to apply and is really not sticky and also smells like Toffee which is always a bonus.

So there we have it, all the underrated lip products in my lip collection! I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading!

What lip products that you own do you think are underrated?

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Drugstore Base Products

There are so many amazing base products out there in the beauty world, but today's post is all about Drugstore Bases. I only own 3 base products, and those are the 3 I'm going to be talking about today! Foundation isn't something I wear everyday so I don't feel the need to buy too many of them, but recently I've been getting into wearing it a bit more often. Anyway enough of me waffling, I'll get onto the first product!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum // £10.99
This is the latest edition to my makeup collection, I bought it in my Drugstore Haul which was about a month ago. It is honestly such a lovely foundation. I am not too keen on thick and heavy foundations, so this is really perfect for me. It feels lightweight on the skin, yet provides a light layer of coverage, but the coverage is definitely buildable. The feeling of it on my skin is lovely because it is almost velvety and very soft, which sounds weird but I think that is the only way I can explain it.

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream // £6.99 
Unlike the other products in this post, this one is a BB Cream. It is quite a light weight product, which is what I would've expected as it is a BB cream; and the coverage is very light as well. So that means it is very nice and natural. Unfortunately it only comes in two shades light and medium, so it's difficult to find one that suits your skin tone. I have the light shade, but that is a bit too pink-toned for me as my skin is warm-toned. The product blends into my skin nicely, but it doesn't last very long so I would recommend using a primer before using this product. I would recommend this BB Cream if you are looking for something light and natural.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation // £6.99
There seems to be a recurring theme throughout this post of lightweight products; probably because the base products I like are the ones that are light weight and natural looking. The Rimmel foundation I'd say is light to medium coverage. It feels a bit more thick on the skin, but once blended in properly it feels light and doesn't really feel like I am wearing much foundation. The shade matches me very well, I am the shade 100 Ivory. This was actually my first foundation, and I really think this foundation is suitable for people who are looking to start wearing foundation.

There are probably lots and lots of other amazing base products out there, but these are the 3 that I own and I hope my thoughts on them were helpful to you. Thank you for reading!

What is your favourite drugstore foundation?

Saturday 23 May 2015

Travel Makeup Bag

You may (or maybe you aren't) wondering where I have been for past week. But I promise I will be back to my usual posting schedule, it's because last week I was on a school trip in Wales for a week. But now I am back home I am back with a new post, which is a look into my Travel Makeup Bag.

I probably didn't need to bring so much makeup, but I mainly just bought the necessities for my everyday makeup routine (concealer, powder, eyebrows and mascara.) So let's start with brushes, I bought with me the Real Techniques Buffing Brush and Multi-Tasking Brush. I used the Buffing Brush to blend in my concealer and the concealer I bought was the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer as it is such an everyday under-the-eye concealer. For powder, I chose the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. This powder is a new use of mine and I can definitely say it is amazing. I also bought with me the Benefit Porefessional primer because it is amazing and helps to cover up my pores.

Now onto the eye products. I did actually bring 2 mascaras purely because I had a mini mascara and I just really wanted to bring it; but I also wanted to bring my favourite mascara which is the L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes. I have talked about this mascara sooo much here on my blog so I shan't go on any more. But all I have to say is it is incredible. Also in my makeup bag is a mini of the Benefit Bad Gal Mascara, this mascara isn't really that amazing and a bit of a let down especially from Benefit. But its not too bad, but there are better mascaras out there. Sometimes I often wear brown eye-liner lightly on my lower lashes to define them a bit, so the Rimmel Eye Pencil in Sable is also in my travel bag. But how can I forget eyebrows? My only eyebrow product, but it is amazing, is the Rimmel Brow Pencil. 

Lastly for lips, I just have a basic yet trustworthy Vaseline, how could I live without my Vaseline? And I also bought with me one of the Baby Lips in Pink Lolita.

So I believe that is everything that I bought along with me when I went travelling. I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading!

What are your travel essentials?

Sunday 10 May 2015

Things I've Repurchased

Things I've Repurchased

When it comes to makeup, I am always willing to try out some new products every now and then. But sometimes I find a product that just works for me and ticks all the boxes. This post is about those products, and because they worked so well for me I end up repurchasing them. I will probably do more posts on Things I've Repurchased so this could become a series-type thing!

Lets start with the Maybelline One by One Mascara. I have mentioned this in a lot of my posts recently, but that is because I am just so in love with this mascara. I have tried many Maybelline mascaras, but out of all of them this is my favourite. It is so lengthening and defines each of my lashes. The only thing I would say is it can get a bit clumpy if you put on too many coats, but other than that this mascara is incredible.

The next product is one that I'm sure most beauty lovers have repurchased before. Of coursre, it is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. This concealer is amazing, the one I am using at the moment is actually my third tube but that one is in the bin. As you can see the writing does eventually rub off which is a bit annoying, but the actual concealer is great! It has a really high coverage so it is great for concealing blemishes. It is a bit cakey, so if you have dry skin this may not be for you. But I like to use it for covering blemishes.

Powder is something that I go through so quickly. As you can see both of my powders are really close to finishing. It is the Natural Collection Pressed Powder. I used to use this a lot when I was starting out it makeup, and I've gone through so many of them, probably about 6? I think it's becuase they are so cheap that I always end up buying it, and also because they are really good for the price! But after these two powders run out, I will be using the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder as that is what I bought to use when these finish. But I'm sure that if I don't like the Rimmel powder I will definitely go back to using the Natural Collection ones.

So that is all of my products that I have repurchased recently. Next time I repurchase some products I will do another post on them if you would like to see that. Thanks for reading!

Thursday 7 May 2015

The "My Lips But Better" Shades

I have often described some of my lip products to be a 'my lips but better shade'. So I thought I would do a post on them! These are the lipsticks that are really similar to my natural lip shade, but make them slightly better. Anyway let me get on with the lipsticks, the ones I think are really 'me' shades are the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 'Nude-ist' and Rimmel Kate Moss in '08'.

Starting with the Bourjois Liquid Lipstick, this is a new product for me as I picked it up recently. The product has a doe foot applicator, so it is quite similar to a lip gloss. However the consistency is nothing like a lip gloss, in fact its like a liquid lipstick. The pigmentation is insane, and so is the lasting power! And I was a bit worried that it might be drying, as it is a matte finish, however it is creamy and not drying whatsoever. It really does have a velvety feeling on the lips, which is lovely and why I love this product so much! I would describe the shade as a deep rose colour, slightly pink and brown as well. 

I think the Bourjois lipstick is a bit more bold, but the Rimmel one is definitely more of a neutral option. It is the shade 08 and is more of a pink mauve and isn't as dark as the previous product. And probably less pigmented, however, it is still a lovely shade and I would 100% say this is my go to lipstick as it suits my lip colour so well. This doesn't have a matte finish, it is more creamy and smooth. This is such an amazing lipstick and is only about £5 so I really recommend it!

These two lipsticks are definitely some of my favourites. The colours are so pretty and I love wearing them. If you haven't got them, then I really recommend you check them out! Thank you for reading!

What is your favourite 'My Lips But Better' lipstick?

Sunday 3 May 2015

April Favourites

Today is time for another Monthly Favourites post. I have a few new beauty favourites this month, as I bought some new things recently.


If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may know that the Maybelline One By One Mascara has been one of my favourites for a while. This is actually my second bottle because I love it so much I repurchased it. I featured it in my Favourite Four Mascara post if you want to read more on it. 

A new discovery of mine this month has been the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 'Nud-ist'. I have a post all about it coming up, so more detail about that will be in that post. But I love the colour and the lasting-power is amazing, these lip products are incredible.  I will definitely be picking up more shades. 

I also rediscovered a No7 eyeshadow (doesn't have a shade name on it) that I haven't used that much before. It is a brown/ grey/ taupe shade with a slight shimmer. I have found this to be such a natural all over the lid shade.

I have had a few break-outs this month and the one product I have found to really help with covering them up has been the Benefit Stay Don't Stray. It's a concealer and eyeshadow primer, I've been using it underneath my concealer as it makes it last much longer. I really like this and I always use it to cover anything that I want to stay covered the whole day!

Another new favourite for this month, also from Bourjois, is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. This is a foundation but it's more light and natural which is why I love it so much. I really like wearing this as it has such a perfect consistency. I really recommend this foundation if you are looking for a natural base.

My brush favourite for this month is the Real Techniques Setting Brush. I have been using it for blending my under eye concealer and setting it with powder. It's not really a brush that I hear much about, but it is still a real necessity in my brush collection.

The last beauty favourite for April has been The Body Shop Passionfruit Body Butter. If you have tried these body butters then you will know how moisturising, buttery and amazing they are! Also the Passionfuit scent is my favourite, it's so fruity and it smells lovely.


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