Monday 29 December 2014

The Classic Winter Jumper

A white jumper is a classic wardrobe piece in winter, they're warm, cosy and look nice too! I paired it with a shirt so the collar came through at the top. Grab your handbag and you're good to go! The jumper is from Primark and it has a loose and slouchy fit which makes it all that more comfortable. I'm sure you can find many similar jumpers from any shop!

Jumper - Primark
Shirt - H&M
Skirt - New Look
Satchel - Warehouse


  1. That's such a cute sweater! I really need one like it.

  2. Love this outfit! Lovely bag too :-) xxx

  3. Love this outfit great blog i'm a beauty blogger too mind checking out my blog my goal is 2000
    thanks! :)

  4. I've nominated you for The Liebster Award, head over to my blog to check it out :) Just started following your blog, feel free to follow back :) xx

    Abi |

  5. Lovely outfit! Your bag is gorgeous too! x

  6. Lovely jumper and the outfit totally suits you <3

  7. I really love the jumper and the satchel, I really need to try this outfit out! Xx

  8. This is so cute, I especially love the satchel :)

    Akino |

  9. Love your jumper, it looks so cosy - I really need to get myself something similar soon!

    Millie x | Millies Wardrobe

  10. Primark jumpers are heaven! I definitely need a trip to the UK. Love how you've styled it :)x

    My life as Anu | bloglovin

  11. Ahh that jumper looks heavenly, it's perfect for a grey day in the U.K.. The satchel makes your outfit looks really vintage x ♥

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    Dalal |