Friday 12 December 2014

Winter Evening Pamper Routine

Winter is all about cosy nights in; so I thought I would do a pamper routine. This is what I tend to do on evenings so enjoy!

1. Firstly I run a hot bath and use one of my Lush bath products I have in line to use. I decided to use the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar as it makes the bath smell so sweet and pink! In the bath I like to read a book or listen to some music. Recently I've been loving Taylor Swift's new album 1989.

2. Next I will do my Skincare routine, so I wash my face with a Garnier face wash. I then remove the rest of my makeup with a Bopts Cucumber Makeup Remover. For toner, I use the Garnier Fresh Refreshing Toner but I don't really recommend this because it's very strong as it contains alcohol. This means it's very drying and not very good for sensitive skin! As it's drying, I have to use a moisturiser afterwards so I use (yet again) another Garnier product.

3. I then get into my cosy pyjamas, my slippers and pyjama bottoms are from primark. They are so warm and are a necessity in winter.

4. Once I'm all cosy in bed I will watch a movie. I chose to watch a very winter appropriate film - Frozen! One of my favourite disney films! I might also watch a few episodes of American Horror Story or a few YouTube videos!

So that is what I tend to do on a Friday evening to pamper myself after a tiring wee at school. A lot of these pictures are from my pastel themes Instagram (@_beautiegirl) so make sure you go and follow me! The link is in the side bar! Thanks for reading, bye!


  1. Great post! I have the same pj's from Primark, they're so cosy!
    Katie x

  2. Your pamper evening looks so luxurious, I also love the 1989 album. Cosy pj's are a must for a pamper evening xo

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    Dalal |