Wednesday 3 December 2014

The Waterfall Braid | Hair

Trying to find an easy, pretty and unique hairstyle can often be quite difficult. Recently I have been loving putting my hair into a Waterfall braid. But although this hairstyle isn't easy (takes a lot of practice), I do think it looks very special. I'm not going to do a tutorial as it is quite difficult to explain and I think videos on YouTube made by hair stylist professionals can do a better job at explaining it than me! I just thought I'd show you some pictures of it in my hair and express how much I have been loving it recently!



  1. It's such a pretty hairstyle, I would love it if you could do more hairstyle posts x

  2. I love your curls, they're so beautiful! I have curly hair too haha this hair style looks so elegant as well ♥
    I just wanted to know what camera you use?
    Dalal x |