Monday 8 September 2014

Favourite Highstreet Fashion Picks #teenblogseries

It's Monday! Which means another post for the #teenblogseries! Today's topic is our favourite fashion shop and picks! I decided to pick New Look because I think there are so many great fashion steals which you can get from there that aren't going to break the banks! I shall just show you some of my favourite items from there! Even though a lot lf these clothes are suitable for summer I think you could also wear them in autumn too.



Monochrome Aztec Print Tank Top
Gingham Wrap Skirt ( I did a post on this here)
Black Skort
Light Blue Mom Shorts
Black Shift Dress
Lilac Lace Dress
Black Chunky Boots with Gold Buckles


  1. In love with the wrap skirts!! I need to get one (or five...) Xx

    Maia |

  2. Those skorts (is that what you call them???) are so cute! Very summery x