Wednesday 24 September 2014

Blog Photography Tips

One of the main things that I think are important in a blog post are the photos. Let's be honest here, if I stumble upon a blog post and the photos are blurry, over edited, too dark, tiny - you get the point; the chances are I won't follow or read on. This could just be me but I think the photography is what makes a blog. Don't get me wrong, I'm no expert in photography, but I do have some tips to help you if you're struggling with your photos. So here are my top tips!

Personally, I don't think it's necessary to buy an expensive camera just for blogging. I see people buying DSLRs specifically for their blog, but they don't know how to use it so the photos aren't any different to maybe an iPhone. I think just use what you've got, whether or not you are using your iPhone or a DSLR camera. But maybe if you don't have anything to take decent photos then by all means buy a camera if you want to. All I'm saying is don't feel pressured to buy one because lots of other more 'popular' bloggers are using one. I just use my iPhone 5 and I think the quality is fine. it's all about how you take the photos, not about what's taking it. Just make sure your photos are in focus and follow the rest of these tips and you're photos should be fine! 
I cannot stress enough how important lighting is. You want to be able to see the product you are taking a picture of, there's no point having he photo taken where it's not bright or the photo will come out dark! Take photos away from the light, by this I mean have the window shining onto the product. Instead of taking the photo towards the light. Otherwise it will be dark like in the photos above. I take my photos by a window so they are nice and bright. 
Some people like to use flash in their photos, personally I don't as I feel the lighting is unnatural and over exposed. But if you are happy with the flash you use then go ahead and use it! 


Cluttered backgrounds can often look messy, so try to find a nice background that you are happy with. I quite like to put flowers in my photos, they are from ikea if you were wondering hehe. I also put a mini dressing table type thing from Tickety Boo as it looks cute :D It might take a while to find you're style of photography, but experiment with different backgrounds to find which ones you love the most. Personally, I think the cluttered background in the image below looks quite nice as there is only one product.


Like I said about the background, experiment with different compositions to find which ones you are happy with. I always take about 10 photos of the same thing but from different angles. Then I pick which one is my favourite.

Editing isn't necessary, but if you want to edit photos, I would recommend the app Snapseed on the AppStore as it is free and very good! I turn the brightness up and edit the saturation and contrast a little bit. I think it makes a huge difference but I guess that's just me!

So here we have it! All my tips for photography, obviously I am not an expert! These are just my views on how to help your photos look better! Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed this, have a nice day, bye!


  1. This was a good post, although it's really similar to one Zoella did a while back. Be careful, I wouldn't want you to get in trouble for plagiarism :)

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you but I just want to point out I've never even read zoella post on photography until you just mentioned it and my post is just as similar to hers as it is to anyone's photography post, so I want to clarify that I didn't copy her or anyone and I made these tips myself, but thank you for telling me honestly xx