Wednesday 26 August 2015

Summer Lip Choices

There haven't been too many summer related posts on my blog this year, so I thought about doing one and I decided to do it on my Summer Lip Options. For me, summer makeup is all about the pink and coral lips and wearing really peachy toned lipsticks. So I have picked out a few of my favourite lipsticks for this summer!

Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon // Peach on The Beach
This is a summer must have! I absolutely adored using this lip crayon last summer and I have also been loving it this year too! It's a peachy pink shade which is really pretty and the name is also adorable! The actual lip crayon is nice and hydrating to apply and very pigmented which is always good! But it has a nice sheen to it which is nice as I'm not a fan of matte lips in summer.

Revlon Colourburst  Lip Butter // Sweet Tart // Sorbet
In this post I've included two Revlon Lip Butters because they are my absolute favourite! The colours are so pretty and because they are a mix between a lip balm and a lip stick, it means they are really moisturising when applied. They are slightly sheer which means you can build the colour up depending on your preference. The shade Sorbet is a much darker and bolder pink so I tend to wear this more sheer. I also like the shade Sweet Tart which is a really pretty pink and easy to wear.

MAC Lipstick // Chatterbox
Chatterbox is the perfect pink shade! You can build it up for a very bold pink look, or you can wear it more muted (how I prefer to wear it) for a more subtle pink lip option! This lipstick is really creamy to apply and I think it is an Amplified finish which is one of my favourites finishes from MAC.

MUA Lipstick // Nectar Shade 16
If you're looking for a bargain lipstick, this is the way to go as MUA lipsticks are only £1! They are also very pigmented which is surprising for such a cheap lipstick, the colour I have is a peach shade and is really suitable for summer. The formula of the lipstick is also very creamy but can be a little but drying after a while so make sure your lips are hydrated before you apply it!

Maybelline Colour Sensational Popstick // Chery Pop
I've recently started using this lipstick a lot more as I used to quite dislike it a while ago as it's a bit deceiving. The lipstick looks red in the bullet but is orange when swatched (?) It is a very sheer lipstick, almost like a tinted lip balm but I quite like that as it means I can add a bit of colour to my lips to give it a slightly red (and also orange) tint to my lips. Plus it smells like cherries which is always a bonus!

So there are all my lip options for this summer, I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading!

What are your summer lip options?


  1. I've been loving the shade Coral Kiss by The Body Shop, it's the perfect shade for those who are too scared to go for a full on bright lip (me) but still want to look summery :) xx

  2. I love the Bourjois lip crayons! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  3. The Bourjois lip crayon looks amazing, I love the colour and you make it sound great! :)

    Akino |

  4. You’re officially one of my favourite bloggers, keep up the great work! xxx

    Ghost Girl Fragrance- Dare to be YOU!