Thursday 29 January 2015


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I just realised it's been a year since I last did a Q&A on my blog, wow time flies eh?! So I asked on Instagram for some questions and I got quite a few so I might not be able to answer all of them, sorry! But I'm thinking of doing a blogging advice post soon as I get a lot of questions on blogging etc. Let me know if your like to see that! Okay let's get on to the questions!

1) What's your favourite lush product? @_pastel_pal
I literally love so many things from lush but probably the Comforter Bubble Bar because it smells lovely and you can use it so many times.

2) Favourite Instagram accounts? @ideklauren
I have so many but probably @gypsx and @amyrose_x  I've definitely missed out loads but I love those peoples accounts!

3) Favourite lipstick ever? @floraalroses
This is such a hard question, how can I pick just one? But I would have to say MAC Patisserie or Speak Louder, such gorgeous colours!

4) What is your favourite mascar? @pastel_girl_kiss
Definitely Benefit's They're Real, but if it's a drugstore mascara then... Soap and Glorys Thick and Fast mascara.

5) What got you into beauty/makeup? @ellen_cornell
Well, ever since I was young, I've always loved playing with my mums makeup, but I think it was when I started watching YouTube videos, the first youtuber I watched was Bethany Mota. It might also have been when i used to have a girly Instagram account (it got hacked so I don't actually use it anymore) years ago I used to follow lots of makeup accounts and that's probably what got me into it. Honestly, I don't really know what got me into makeup, it's quite a tough question!
6) Favourire YouTuber? @pastel.le
I love watching Hello October's videos, she's just gorgeous and her videos are great! I also really like ViviannaDoesMakeup because she's basically tried every single makeup product ever and has so much to say about every product! Another favourites of mine are Floral princess and Floralbeautiee.

7) Skirt or jeans? @lxcy.bxauty
Skirts for sure, I just find jeans don't really flatter me sometimes and skirts do. But that doesn't mean I don't wear jeans, I do! But skirts more!
8) What inspired you to become a blogger? @pretty_perfectxoxo (
Back when I first started, I watched a lot of YouTube videos and I just wanted to make a YouTube account so badly! But I was quite nervous to so instead I decided to start a blog! I'd read a lot of beauty blogs and I kind of just signed up to blogging not really knowing much about it. But I'm so glad I did start it because it's so much fun!

9) What are your favourite blogs? @pretty_perfectxoxo 

10) Favourite Book? @pastelwonderlandxo (
I've never actually thought about my favourite book... Hmm I really don't know, probably like a Michael Morpurgo book, I used to read loads of them when I was little. Or a Sophie Kinsella book, I like her shes a good author!

11) Would you prefer to wear dark or light lipstick? @petalsask
Light for definite, dark lipsticks are high maintenance! There's always a risk it would smudge and you could get lipstick on your teeth!
12) Where would be your dream holiday destination? @thefloralgrande
New York City at winter time or tropical island I'm not sure where!

13) What's on your makeup wishlist? @lauraabaileey (
One of the Urban Decay Naked Basics palettes, they're gorgeous! 

14) Favourite band/singer? @pastelwonderlandxo (
I have quite a few favourites such as, Haim, Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift.

15) What is your holy grail Skincare product? @franrockey (
Probably my face cream because without it my skin gets very dry, but I also really like the Garnier Miscellar Cleansing water.

Thank you for everyone who asked me questions! Sorry I couldn't include all of them, a few of them were repeated questions anyway. I hope I answered any questions you had! Thanks for reading, bye!

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