Monday 18 August 2014

A Week in Photos #1 - Spain 2014

Last week I went on holiday to Spain, I took many photos (more than needed) and I thought I would share my favourite snaps with you all. I guess this is a kind of Instagram diary because I posted a few of these on my personal Instagram (amandabrickx (go follow me (haha just kidding.)))

The view from our villa
Sunset by the beach
Sunset by the port

The view
The town in the evening
The sea at the beach 
Sunset on the mountains
Watermelon by the pool
Sunset and palm trees
'Special Salad' (that's what it was called in the restaurant)
A tree that looked like a giant pineapple
Our villa
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this different kind of post! Hop you are all having a lovely holiday, bye!

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