Monday 26 May 2014

Confessions of a Beauty Blogger Tag


Hey beauties, so I wasn't actually tagged by anyone but I thought I would do the Confessions of a Beauty blogger Tag! I hope you enjoy this blog post and I tag all of you to do this if you are reading!
1. How many hours a week do you spend planning/ writing/ uploading posts?
I only post once a week on a Sunday and it takes me about 30min - 1hr to take and edit photos. But I do take photos in bulk for about 4 blog posts. It doesn't really take me that long to write a post, probably about 15 or 20 minutes if I'm honest. And then it would take another 10 minutes to put it all together so I would say it takes me about 1hr 30 min a week, depending on what the post is. 
2. Are you a spender or a saver?
Well, I want to say I am a saver but if I'm honest, I am quite a spender. Actually, I save up but then I spend it. I guess I'm a bit of both.
3. When is it easiest for you to write your posts?
I like writing my blog posts on a Friday or Saturday night. I don't like writing them on school nights as I have homework to do and it's not as relaxing.
4. What makes writing posts comfortable for you?
There isn't really something that makes it comfortable, but probably that I just love what I'm writing about and it's fun I guess.
5. What's your worst makeup/ hair habit?
My worst makeup habit is probably my Skincare. I don't really remove my makeup everyday, most days I just wash it off in the shower oops.
6. What's one quote you wish the world would live by?
"People who mind don't matter and people who matter don't mind" if you don't get it haha, basically it's saying that people who don't like you or are haters etc shouldn't matter to you and you shouldn't care about them. And people who you do care about and who do matter to you don't mind and aren't haters haha.
7. How long do you spend getting ready everyday?
On a school day I spend about 30-40 min to get washed, dressed and to do my makeup and hair. But if I tried I could probably do it in 15 minutes.
8. What your favourite post on your blog?
My favourite post... Hmmm... I actually really like the Hair Tutoiral I did here and the outfit post I did here. I should probably do some more hair and outfit posts but I never have the time to go outside and take photos etc. makeup wise, my favourite is probably the Battle of the Lip Crayons blog post I did as i really like the lighting in that photo haha.
9. Who is a beauty blogger that you think deserve more subscribers that they have?
I absolutely love Olivia from 's blog. She is absolutely gorgeous and I love her style! I can't believe she doesn't have 10000 followers yet?!
10. What's one thing you're excited about in the coming year?
Summer for sure! I can't wait for the weather to be lovely and to go on holiday!
11. What has been your favourite blogging moment?
There hasn't been one special moment as the whole journey has been great! But probably reaching 100 followers as that was quite an achievement.
12. How long does it take to prep for a post?
I'm guessing this is about the photography. It takes about 7 min to set up where I take the photos. Taking the photos and editing them takes about 25 min and writing the post really doesn't take that long. So overall I'd say 35 min.
13. Are you wearing jeans/ skirt right now or are you wearing pyjama bottoms?
I want to say I am wearing a skirt but the weather isn't that great today but I am wearing leggings.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoyed this! I tag all of you to do it! Have a lovely day, bye!