Thursday 27 March 2014

Barry M Blue Moon Nails



Hey beauties! So todays blog post is going to be slightly random and its my Nails Of The Day aka NOTD! Today on my nails I have Barry M's Blue Moon which is a gorgeous pastel blue. However there's something different about this nail varnish which is that it has a slight blue shimmer which you can see in one of the photos above. I love this nail varnish as it's a kind of powdery cloudy blue but in a gorgeous pastel way. This colour is perfect for spring and I think will look super cute.

The only bad thing I have to say though is that it's quite sheer and this needs about 3 layers. I could've added more if I wanted it to be really opaque but I'm not the best nail painter and most of the time it never dries and ends up smudging everywhere. So I wanted to stay safe and leave it how it was instead of adding another layer. Although its not exactly opaque, I think its quite nice sheer as it looks a lot more softer and girly which is totally what spring is all about.

I really recommend the Barry M nail varnishes (especially the Gelly Hi-Shine ones) but for £2.99 this nail varnish is really good and is a gorgeous colour. It lacks a bit of pigmentation but with a few layers it is easily sorted. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you would like to see more Nail posts, maybe some nail art ideas? Then please comment below and follow me on bloglovin! Thanks for reading, bye!

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